General provisions

1.1. These Rules of Purchase and Sale of Goods (hereinafter referred to as the “Rules”), when placing an order on this website, are a binding legal document of the Buyer and the Seller, the conditions of purchase and payment for goods, delivery and return procedures, and other provisions related to the ordering – purchase – sale of goods on the website.

1.2.  The Seller reserves the right to change, amend or supplement the Rules at any time, taking into account the requirements established by law. The Buyer who has registered will be informed about any changes, corrections or additions at the time of logging in to and will have to re-accept the modified Rules in order to order goods in this online store.

Protection of personal data

2.1. By registering on this website, entering your data or directly contacting the employees of A.Zinkevič company “Optima Vestra “ by phone or e-mail.

2.2.  Buyer when ordering goods by manner provided in section 2.1.1. for in the clauses of the Rules, the relevant information fields provided by the Seller must indicate the personal and company data necessary for the proper execution of the goods order: name, surname, legal entity data, delivery address, phone number and e-mail address.

2.3.  By approving these Rules, the Buyer agrees that 2.2. its data referred to in paragraph 1 would be processed in the order of sale and sale of goods in the e-shop, for the purposes of analysis of the Seller’s activities and direct marketing in accordance with the Personal Data Processing Rules approved by the Seller.

2.4.  By agreeing to the processing of his personal data for the purpose of selling goods and services in the Seller’s e-shop, the Buyer also agrees to the sending of information notices to the e-mail address and telephone number provided by him, which are necessary to fulfill the order.

Buying, selling, returning

3.1.  The seller undertakes to sell the goods by pre-order using the e-shop

3.2.  Goods are delivered to parcel machines or through courier services.Pardavėjas išrašo  Pirkėjui  PVM sąskaitą-faktūrą-The Seller issues a VAT invoice to the Buyer.

 3.4. Returns must be agreed in advance with the person responsible for the return by sending a copy of the return document to return is considered fully accepted only from the moment it is signed by the person responsible for the return. In the event of any discrepancies in price or product, the Buyer unconditionally undertakes to take back the goods.

Obligations of the buyer

4.1. When ordering goods, the buyer undertakes to provide only correct and complete data. If the data specified in the order changes, the Buyer must update them immediately.

4.2. The Buyer undertakes to use the Website honestly and fairly, without compromising its operation or stable operation. If the Buyer fails to comply with this obligation, the Company has the right to limit, suspend (terminate) the Buyer’s access to the Website without prior notice and is not liable for any related losses of the Buyer.

4.3. The Buyer must pay for the ordered Goods and accept them in accordance with the procedure established by these Rules.

4.4. The Buyer undertakes to inspect the goods and make sure that the received goods are the ones ordered by the Buyer before using them.

4.5. The Buyer must comply with other requirements established in these Rules and legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

Seller ‘s rights

5.1. If the Buyer tries to impair the operation or stable operation of the Website, the Company may, without prior notice, restrict, suspend (terminate) its access to the e-shop.

5.2. The Company has the right to temporarily or indefinitely terminate the operation of the Website and e-commerce without separate notice.

5.3. The Company has other rights provided for in the Rules and legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

5.4. The Company undertakes to create conditions for the Buyer to properly use the services provided by the Website.

5.5. The Company undertakes to arrange the delivery of the goods ordered by the Buyer to the address specified by the Buyer.

5.6. The Company, if important circumstances arise, unable to deliver the ordered goods to the Buyer, undertakes to offer the Buyer an analogous product, and if the Buyer refuses to accept the analogue of the product, return the money paid by the Buyer within 3 (three) business days, if the Buyer made a prepayment.

Obligations of the seller

6.1. The Seller undertakes to provide the Buyer with the services provided by the online catalog in accordance with the conditions set forth in these Rules and the online store.

6.2. The Seller undertakes to respect the Buyer’s right to privacy of personal information belonging to him and to process the personal data specified by the Buyer only in accordance with the Privacy Policy and the procedure established by the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

6.3. The Seller undertakes to deliver the goods ordered by the Buyer to the address specified by him.

6.4. The Seller, unable to deliver the ordered goods to the Buyer due to important circumstances, undertakes to offer a similar or as similar a product as possible. If the Buyer refuses to accept an analogous or similar product, the Seller undertakes to return the money paid to the Buyer within 7 working days, if a prepayment has been made.


7.1. The buyer is fully responsible for the accuracy of the personal data provided by him. If the Buyer does not provide accurate personal data, the Seller is not responsible for the consequences and acquires the right to claim compensation for direct losses incurred by the Buyer.

7.2.  The buyer is responsible for the actions taken using this online store.

7.3. The registered Buyer is responsible for transferring his login data to third parties. If the services provided by are used by a third party who has logged in to the online store using the Buyer’s login details, the Seller considers this person to be the Buyer.

7.4.  The Seller is released from any liability in cases where the loss arises due to the fact that the Buyer, despite the recommendations of the Seller and its obligations, did not read these Rules, even though he was given such an opportunity.

7.5. In the event of damage, the guilty party compensates the other party for the direct damage.

Sending of information

8.1. The Company sends all notices (including promotional information) to the e-mail provided in the Buyer’s registration form.

8.2. The Buyer shall send all notices and questions to the address specified in the “Contacts” section of the Company’s Website.

Final Provisions

9.1. These rules have been made in accordance with the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

9.2. The law of the Republic of Lithuania shall apply to the relations arising on the basis of these rules.